Featured Closing in the HVAC Industry

Featured Closing in the HVAC Industry
A well-established HVAC business recently changed hands, due to the diligence and support of broker, Anne Schuller. This company has set themselves apart from area HVAC companies by finding a niche that eliminates the cyclical nature surrounding the HVAC industry. This company works mainly in the commercial industry for already established companies and has found this to be a very steady and profitable piece of the market.

Key Closing Statistics

  • Closing Broker: Anne Schuller
  • Sold for 100% of the asking price.
  • Listed for 152 Days

The owner has grown the business, from an owner/operator company and 1 truck to a 10 truck company grossing over $1.4M in sales for 2016. The buyer previously owned and developed a successful HVAC company in California and his team is in place to do the same with this company and continue its steady, positive trending success!

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